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I.I Introduction
Information about Government policies and activities is an essential tool of empowering the citizens.  Any democratic government must seek to establish and maintain a free two way flow of ideas and accurate information, so that citizens and government can make informed decisions.  This two way nature of the process is vital to the government particularly in the area of policy formulation, implementation and delivery.  The Government, on one hand must build up its capacity to effectively explain its policies and decisions, in ways that its citizens can understand, and on the other hand, the public must be able to relate its concerns and opinions to the government, and be confident that they are being received, understood and acted upon.
It is only true that broader and deeper citizen involvement directly contributes to promoting interest in government operations, inspiring confidence and more importantly winning public support in the implementation of government initiatives.
Since the Revolution in 1964, The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar through the President s office has played a crucial role in bringing Zanzibar development process forward, particularly in the areas of good governance and coordination of Government institutions.  The Office of the President monitors the accountability and transparency of public leaders, and facilitates proper interaction between the Government and the Civil Society, including the Mass Media.

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